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As testified by numerous Veterans and First-Responders who have visited our ranch, they claim there is something to be said with simply being on the land and in the barn, grooming, feeding, picking up after and experiencing the overall caring for our horses. Many of them have actually expressed their excitement, having experienced a major reduction in stress, a lowering of their blood pressure and an overall calming as well as healing of their physical and emotional health. We certainly can’t promise nor make any guarantees of the same experience for everyone as we are not licensed therapists and do not claim to be nor do we make claims of medical or healing solutions of any sort. Please read the full disclaimer located in the link in the footer below. As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization together with your support and contributions we can insure an ongoing element of needed stress release and tranquility that can be experienced by our Veterans and First-Responders who value and covet the escape they experience when on the land and with our horses. Horses are majestic animals that are simply wonderful to be with. They are are gentle and honest; and can be an emotional mirror for our Veterans and First-Responders and will respond to the feeling state one shows. Working around and interacting with the horses, allows for a bonding and trust to be formed and the results can be numerously beneficial, not only for the individuals but the horses as well.

Our ability to continue to give back to our Military, Veterans, First Responders and their family members is based on donations we receive from our generous sponsors and contributors. The pressure and need to reach out and touch more individual’s lives is ever increasing and weighs heavily on us. Together with your help, we can accomplish that goal. Join together with us and become a member of the Warriors Road Family; we will keep you updated with what we are accomplishing in the lives of the individuals we are helping. 

Money contributions are always needed and much appreciated. There are however, some other items you may be able to help with as well. With the last set of fires in our area, it became very apparent of our dire need for a couple good condition pickups, ideally one with an extended cab, as well as a couple good horse trailers, (a 2 stall and a 4 stall). We also have a need for a flat bed trailer to help us in hauling hay. We certainly are open to all nutrients, treats, medicines, tack & gear as well as training, farrier and veterinarian services.

Send us an email if you can help with any of the items listed above
andrepost283@gmail.com or Call (323) 546-5554

To Make a Financial Contribution, click on the link below


Learn basic horsemanship and how to ride. Whether you are a beginner or an equestrian, we have a program for you and can accommodate you from the arena to the trails. It’s the experience that heals.


The training goes from the tack room, to the stable stalls, to grooming and exercising the horses around the arena before hitting the trail. Becoming familiar and comfortable around the horses are the first step.

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