Warriors Road is a program designed to offer various recreational equine activities, horse care and even stable chores, which we have found to help release stress and tension for the Veterans and First-responders we serve.  We offer various equine interactions and activities, overseen by a staff of veterans.  Our facility creates a tranquil environment, promoting the perfect escape to get-away from every day pressures and past traumatic experiences that our heroes have experienced.  

Interacting with our horses, will help build one’s confidence, self- efficiency, communication, trust, perspective, social skills, impulse control, and learning boundaries.  Since the horses have similar behaviors with humans, such as social and responsive behaviors, it is easy for the visitors to our facility to create a connection with the horse.  Horses react to the rider’s behavior and emotions and will they give immediate feedback to the handler or rider’s actions, are not biased by the patient’s physical appearance or past experiences and thus have become the most popular animal to use in this type of activity   The horse has an innate tendency to mirror the patient’s present behavior, physical movements and emotions, which then in turn helps the rider become more aware of themselves and able to self reflect take a deep breath and relax.   Also, due to the horses’ large and intimidating appearance, it forces the individual to gain trust around them.


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