(The skill in or the art of caring for, managing, riding and training horses) 

From Beginner to Equestrian – The Following Outlines what you learn at Warriors Road

(I’ll format this page so it is balanced, I’m sure there are additional points under each section – Some photos will need to be replaced by your own)

Bonding with the Horses

                      1. Hand-Grazing








Grooming the Horses

                      1. Securing the horse
                      2. How to stay safe while grooming
                      3. Picking up the horses hooves to clean
                      4. How to use a curry comb to loosen dirt, mud, foreign items and the horse’s hair.
                      5. How to use a dandy or hard brush to remove dirt and hair brought out by the curry comb and which areas to use on and which areas not to use on
                      6. Cleaning up with a soft or body brush
                      7. Cleaning the horse’s face
                      8. Brushing out the main and tail
                      9. When to use “Fly Spray” on the horse


Bathing the Horses

                      1. How often to bathe
                      2. Using the proper tools: horse shampoo, warm water and a large sponge
                      3. How to deal with cleaning the various areas and body parts of the horse
                      4. How to dry the horse
                      5. Combing out the mane and tail





Feeding the Horses

                      1. How to approach
                      2. What to feed
                      3. When feeding treats, how much is good vs. bad.
                      4. How to hold the food when feeding by hand
                      5. Speaking to the horse while feeding
                      6. Hand feeding vs. a bucket or trough






Cleaning the Horse’s Stall

                      1. How often to clean
                      2. Using the proper tools for the job
                      3. Jump in and start mucking out the stall – learning the proper technique
                      4. How to re-layer the unsoiled bedding with fresh bedding and what type to use and how much
                      5. How and where to dispose of the soiled bedding
                      6. How often to strip and disinfect the floor and walls saturated with urine



Shoeing the Horse

                      1. How to prepare position the horse
                      2. How to lift the leg
                      3. How to remove the existing shoe
                      4. How to clean the hoof
                      5. How and when to use a nipper and rasp
                      6. How to size the shoe and make minor adjustments if needed
                      7. Securing the shoe in place with nails
                      8. How to bend and remove the nail tips and clinch the nail
                      9. Filing any rough spots on the hoof wall
                      10. Repeat three more times until all four hooves have been shod.



Care and Maintenance of Tack & Gear


                      1. I need a list of items you teach under this section








Exercising the Horse

                      1. I need a list of items you teach under this section








Trial Riding

                      1. I need a list of items you teach under this section

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